Special Contributory Funds

Your membership dues support CSEA's statewide structure and programs and ensure Member services, but we strive to do more. Our ability to impact the world around us is dependent upon having extra money earmarked for going beyond the basics. CSEA has established three special funds to support our work in these areas.

Legislative Action Fund

Protect your profession and advocate for your clients. The Legislative Action Fund (LAF) was formed in 1985 to battle against legislative actions which might inhibit the rights of Enrolled Agents to practice their proven skills. Since then it has grown to include proactive efforts to promote legislation in support of the interests of EAs and their clients. Your contribution to this fund will support CSEA's robust legislative and regulatory activities on behalf of Members. The Legislative Affairs Committee oversees expenditure from this fund. Contributions to this fund are not deductible for tax purposes.

EA Promo Fund

Make "Enrolled Agent" a well-known household term. Unreasonable? No. We're making headway in promoting the value of an Enrolled Agent to the general public, but it requires a significant ongoing commitment of marketing activity and public outreach. Your contribution to this fund will support activities like Google Adwords, Facebook ads, Tax Help Day and other public awareness campaigns, both during tax season and throughout the year. The Public Information and Awareness Committee oversees expenditure from this fund. Contributions to this fund are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law, but not as a charitable contribution.

CSEA Operating Fund – Voluntary Dues

Support the future of CSEA by making a contribution to the operating fund. Rather than raising dues, CSEA is asking our Members and friends to make a voluntary contribution to continue the work that CSEA does on behalf of Enrolled Agents and tax professionals throughout California. Your additional financial support is critical to help us prepare to serve the next generation of EAs. If you believe that CSEA is still relevant to your profession, please consider helping to the full extent you are able.

Education Foundation

Support aspiring and developing Enrolled Agents. The CSEA Education Foundation is dedicated to advancing and supporting tax professionals through scholarships and education. It supports and encourages increased professionalism of both current and future EAs by granting scholarships for educational activity, and by promoting tax education and the tax profession at the college level. The CSEA Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public benefit corporation; contributions to the Foundation are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.