CSEA is Your Voice in California 

CSEA advocates for the rights of both Enrolled Agents and taxpayers before all state and legislative and regulatory agencies. With a seat on each of the following state tax agency advisory boards, CSEA is constantly advocating for sound tax policy for California Enrolled Agents. We represent members before the:

  • Franchise Tax Board (FTB) 
  • Board of Equalization (BOE) 
  • Office of Tax Appeals (OTA)
  • California Department of Tax & Fee Administration (CDTFA)
  • Employment Development Department's (EDD) Small Business Employee Advisory Council (SBEAC)
  • Secretary of State (SOS)

This, along with our close relationship with each of one these agencies, give CSEA members an effective outlet to voice your concerns on the tax topics that matter to you. Find out more information about the state agencies and CSEA's involvement below.

Links to State Legislature

Official California Legislative Information Websites (Schedule bills current law publications and more):


California Advocacy Articles 

Do You Have Questions About AB 5? 

   EAs have been trying to make sense of the many confusing circumstances that Dyanmex and AB 5 have created for California taxpayers...

Individual Health Mandate Penalty Estimator 

   Beginning January 1, all California residents must either have qualifying health insurance coverage, obtain an exemption from the requirement, or pay a penalty when they file their state tax return.

New Requirements for DE 4, 2020 Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate 

   Starting in 2020, allowances are no longer included on the redesigned Form W-4 for PIT withholdings.

Donated Medicinal Cannabis is Exempt from Certain Taxes 

   Beginning March 1, cannabis retailers may donate free medicinal cannabis to medicinal cannabis patients without payment of certain taxes.

CSEA Sends Healthcare Mandate Information to Legislature 

   During CSEA’s annual lobby day at the Capitol on January 6, CSEA Members brought up the impending healthcare mandate to inform legislators about the tax ramifications for those who don’t receive coverage. When taxpayers file their...