Advocacy Events

STALM ROUNDTABLES!  (aka "Would You Like Whine with Your Lunch?")
This is your opportunity to have your input into STALM!  Each year we present issues brought up by our Members so that the tax agencies can investigate and respond to them either by clarifying, identifying best practices, and yes, sometimes changing/fixing systemic issues.   This forum is for systemic issues which are ones that likely affect many taxpayers.  You can provide input in the following ways:

Attend virtual roundtables:
Thursday June 8  noon-1pm:  Zoom link
Thursday July 13  noon-1pm: Zoom link

Use online form:  STALM ISSUES

Email Joyce Cheng

What We Do

Our advocacy events focus on initiating necessary change and producing tangible results for Enrolled Agents and tax professionals in California. Through our two grassroots events you are able to gain valuable face time with the decision-makers who influence tax policy. As America's tax experts, Enrolled Agents are a valuable resource  for these groups and our events are designed to leverage that knowledge for the benefit of CA taxpayers. Our events are:

State Tax Agencies Liaison Meeting

Date: September 21, 2023   8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Where: Virtual 

Stern/Mulak Advocacy Week

Date: January, 2024
Where: Virtual