State Tax Agencies Liaison Meeting

Event Date
September 24, 2018

STALM is an exclusive event which provides a unique forum where attendees meet with high-level representatives from the four state tax agencies – FTB, BOE, EDD and SOS – who will respond to a variety of systematic issues and concerns that need to be addressed.

How does STALM work?

Each state tax agency will take the stage and address specifically prepared questions about agency functions. This will be followed by a true Q & A forum where CSEA Members, who are in the trenches working with taxpayers trying to navigate the tax system, can provided valuable insight for the four agencies on how their programs are working. 

STALM's Powerful Value:

  • Receive direct phone numbers for the “top brass” at the four agencies
  • Problem-solve in real-time with a smorgasbord of agency executives available to address your issues and concerns
  • A unique opportunity to get face time with people in the know and actually discuss issues that matter to you

This invaluable event not only exemplifies the strong collaboration between CSEA and California’s three state tax agencies, but it models how a group of like-minded people can affect change.