Philip Levine, EA Speaks Up for Enrolled Agents

After reading an article on taxation in The Mercury News that omitted to mention Enrolled Agents, Mission Society Director Philip Levine, EA, MBA wrote to the author, Julie Jason. In response, Ms. Jason wrote a second article published on August 25, “Enrolled agents are another option for tax help.”
The article acknowledges that the previous week’s column about choosing an accountant did not mention the benefits and power of hiring an EA, and includes excerpts from Phil’s powerful letter:
“EAs, unlike un-enrolled preparers, are enrolled to practice before the IRS like CPAs or Attorneys, must pass an extensive federal exam, have ongoing continuing education requirements, are subject to the rules and regulations of the IRS Office of Professional Responsibility, but can also practice and represent tax clients from anywhere within the United States unlike other professionals who may be limited by their state licensing.”
Commenting on the article, Phil notes that “sometimes letters pay off, and the previous column made me upset, so it motivated me!” Thank you, Phil, for your successful efforts to educate the media and the public about EAs!