Meet Your 2020-2021 CSEA Officer Nominees

The Nominating Committee, in accordance with the Bylaws and its Committee Charter, will nominate the following Members to serve the Society for the 2020-2021 fiscal year: 

  • President: Susie DiMaggio
  • EA First Vice President: Bruce Miller
  • EA Second Vice President: David Hilliard
  • EA Secretary: Theresa Gordon
  • EA Treasurer: Ronald Uehle, EA

The following Members comprise the Nominating Committee: 

  • Jenny Wettemann, EA
  • Chair Greg Cash, EA
  • Rico Delodovici, EA
  • Rose Fulton, EA
  • Vicki Mulak, EA

The Nominating Committee invited all nominees to submit statements reflecting their experience and point of view, which follow.

Susie DiMaggio, EA

Susie DiMaggio, EA

Nominee for President

I am truly honored that the CSEA Nominating Committee has nominated me for the position of CSEA President. It will be a privilege to serve the membership in this capacity. I am looking forward to all of the responsibilities of the position. My goal for the upcoming year is to continue moving forward with the current vision, while encouraging all Members to become involved at any level of the organization. As a membership organization, we need to all work together, bringing the local chapters into the fold and incorporate our plan with their individual needs.

I have been a tax professional for over 19 years and became an Enrolled Agent in 2006. Upon receiving my license, I jumped in with both feet, becoming a CSEA Member and Secretary of Channel Islands Chapter. After serving as Secretary for four years, I held the office of Channel Islands Chapter President. As President, I was encouraged to attend events at the state level. I became the State Director in 2012, quickly joining several committees that sparked my interest. During my last year as a Director, I had the privilege of being Education Chair. I believe working on this committee taught me that CSEA is the best organization for serving all California Enrolled Agents.

While my history with CSEA gives me some leadership experience, I have also worked in other industries that allowed me to organize and manger several employees and volunteers. I have worked through growth spurts and downsizing, through church plants and church divisions - but always the atypical cheerleader and encourager!

My passion is for Members to work together to help CSEA reach its full potential by encouraging, connecting and growing leadership in all of our Members. The responsibilities of the President will allow me to continue to work with all of the committees, to foster growth in our membership and confirm our reputation in the arena of superb education. I feel that my life experience and background have prepared me for this position and I look forward to the opportunity to serve.


Bruce Miller, EA

Bruce Miller, EA

Nominee for First Vice President

I am most honored to be the Nominating Committee's choice for the position of CSEA's First Vice President for 2020-2021. During the past six years with the Society, I have served as a Director, Chair and Vice Chair of the Finance & Budget Committee, two terms as Treasurer, and this past year as Second Vice President.

I have participated at multiple committee levels and have served on the Legislative Committee for each of the last six years. I attend the State Tax Agencies Liaison Meeting and Stern/Mulak Legislative Day events each year as well.

My firm of seven serves over 1,300 individuals, and 370 corporations, S corporations, LLCs and partnerships. We do payroll for over 150 businesses, and bookkeeping for 130 companies as well. I have been an EA for 25 years and a Member of CSEA, NAEA, and NSA for more than 20 years. My home Chapter is San Fernando Valley. If elected as your First Vice President, I promise to serve with the dedication and enthusiasm that our Society deserves.

David Hilliard, EA

David Hilliard, EA

Nominee for Second Vice President

My volunteer work with CSEA has been rewarding, to say the least. It is an honor that you have put your trust in me in considering me for your Second Vice President. We are in interesting times with this organization. There is huge opportunity and risk as CSEA moves into 2020 and beyond.


I recognize that the factors that generate this opportunity have also created divisions among some of the membership. Division of thought is a good thing. It means that we are taking steps away from a stagnant posture.


Over this next year we will need to make some hard decisions. It is up to the leadership to clearly define where CSEA is headed and indicate that point on the horizon. There will be disagreements on how to get there, but our agreement on the destination is solid.

I am committed to the success of our Society and its Members. We should be seeing clear goals and actions come out of the committees. Membership growth and event attendance will not come from efforts planned in the Sacramento meetings. They will come from actions taken from each Member at the Chapter level.


The Chapters are the gathering point of our most important resource. How can each Chapter get one new Member each month? As a Member, how can I inform my chamber of commerce about the important work Enrolled Agents do? How can I help a new tax preparer succeed and build their business? These are questions we should live by.

Thank you again for your trust in me. I promise I will do my best.


Theresa Gordon, EA

Theresa Gordon, EA

Nominee for Secretary

I have over twenty years of experience as a professional income tax preparer. I have been an Enrolled Agent since 2004, and I own and operate Theresa Gordon Tax Services with offices in Moorpark and Newhall. As a CSEA Director, I have especially enjoyed the training and mentoring opportunities our organization has to offer.


If elected as the incoming Secretary working with CSEA’s leadership team, I look forward to expanding Member training and meetings through a virtual platform.


Ronald Uehle, EA

Ronald Uehle, EA

Nominee for Treasurer

It is with great honor that I accept the nomination of Treasurer for the California Society of Enrolled Agents for the 2020-2021 fiscal year.


This year will be one of the most challenging years in the 43-year history of CSEA. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, gatherings and educational events will be different then in the past, and this will have an impact on the Society’s finances.


It is going to take the effort of the Board, committees, Chapters, and all CSEA Members, to rise to this challenge in order to provide for the Society’s financial security this year and into the future. We will look for new revenue opportunities during this time, as well as for ways to control and decrease costs to the Society. I accept this challenge, and know that I have the support of all our Members in building a strong financial future for CSEA.

I have been a CSEA Member since 2003, and am currently State Director for Inland Empire Chapter. At the Chapter level, I have held all positions with the exception of Secretary. This includes serving as President in 2014-2015. At the state level, I have been active in various committees including Finance & Budget, Legislative Affairs and Member Engagement & Promotion. I’m currently serving as Vice Chair of Ethics & Professional Conduct.

I have been in the tax and accounting industry for 38 years working as a staff accountant to Senior Tax Advisor. I currently own and operate Uehle Tax Services in Diamond Bar. I reside in Jurupa Valley with my wife Stephanie and our dog Asher. I am a season ticket holder of the Ontario Reign hockey team, the minor league affiliate of the Los Angeles Kings.