General Schedule

Central Coast meets the third Wednesday of every month except January through April at Ventana Grill, 2575 Price Street, Pismo Beach

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General ContactChapter PresidentMembership Contact
(805) 544-1557
Robert N. Carpenter, EA
(805) 748-6698
John M. Ozanich, EA
(805) 541-1073

Chapter Events

6/10/2020Dinner MeetingEducational & Networking Event - Central Coast ChapterTBAPismo BeachCNCONETWOR
7/1/2020SEE ClassIn-Person EA Exam Prep - Central CoastKittie Vicars, EAAtascaderoSEECNCO18
7/8/2020Dinner MeetingEducational Event - Central Coast *TBD*TBAPismo BeachCNCO0520