Apply for CSEA Scholarships by June 30, 2018

The CSEA Education Foundation was established to increase tax knowledge through scholarships and education. The Foundation supports and encourages increased professionalism among current and future Enrolled Agents by offering two types of education scholarships:

  1. For California EAs to broaden their knowledge and
  2. expertise in the field of taxation; andFor California residents who aspire to become EAs.
Some examples of qualifying education for EAs are CSEA’s California Tax Bootcamp, NAEA’s National Tax Practice Institute (NTPI), and preparatory classes for the Tax Court representation exam. Scholarships are not available for the maintenance of an EA's annual CE requirements.
For those aspiring to become EAs, qualifying education includes tuition, registration fees and books for courses in the field of taxation, finance or accounting, particularly those courses specifically designed for Special Enrollment Examination (SEE) preparation.
Scholarships are awarded three times each year, and the next application deadline is June 30, 2018. Click here for scholarship applications or to make a donation to the Education Foundation.