CSEA - SOS Partnership Delivers Results

CSEA’s advocacy to improve the Secretary of State’s (SOS) Statement of Information (SOI) filing is a success! At the one-year anniversary of SOS’ BizFile online filing tool, SOI filing for LLCs has an 80% adoption rate and SOS has processed over 400,000 LLC SOI filings.

The SOS is now processing SOI and business entity filings within just five business days. BizFile has moved customers online instead of having them waiting in line at the SOS office or the post office, and has saved them thousands of pages of paperwork.

Other recent SOS automation efforts include:

  • Online trademark submission tool (implemented January 2018): The online submission adoption rate has increased to 71%. As a result of this automation, SOS been able to maintain its five-business day processing time, even though the workload has increased 100% due to the new cannabis trademark and service mark filings.
  • LLC formation online (implemented May 2018): In just six weeks, the adoption rate has grown to 60%, an average of 308 online LLC formation submissions per business day. Processing time for LLC formations has been reduced from eight to three business days.
  • Eureka (chatbot - implemented May 2018): Eureka the Bear is SOS’ online search assistant currently answering questions related to business entities and trademarks. In just six weeks, Eureka has answered more than 10,000 questions.

For more information, click here to download the SOS press release, and visit SOS.ca.gov to view new BizFile tools.