Nevada Society Wins the First Case in Right to Practice Fight

Nevada Society of Enrolled Agents President Janet Vick, EA has reported that on July 6, District Court Judge James Wilson ruled in favor of the Enrolled Agents’ right to practice:
“The paperwork will not be completed until late July, but we won this battle. The Nevada Attorney General has 30 days from when the paperwork is completed to appeal, so we really can’t relax until the end of August. Remember, we won this battle, but now we need to win the war. The politicians still need educating or we will lose the war! Over the next six weeks we need meet with every Nevada Assemblyman and Senator to introduce the Enrolled Agent profession to them. Thank you for all your support.”
This victory follows a jarring wake-up call to Enrolled Agents all over the country whose worst fear, that a lack of awareness of the Enrolled Agent designation could threaten their livelihood, was realized. The silver lining of this situation is that there is now a renewed sense of responsibility among California EAs who are taking advantage of the robust advocacy resources available to them through CSEA. Please heed Janet Vick’s message about meeting with your local Assemblymembers and Senators to maintain our standing within the California legislature. Come November, there will be new legislators who will need to be introduced to the fantastic work of Enrolled Agents.
For assistance in setting up a meeting with your legislator, please contact CSEA Advocacy and Governance Coordinator Brian Pedersen.