CSEA Meets with Governor’s Office over Healthcare Mandate Penalties

On February 2, a contingent of CSEA representatives including Legislative Affairs Chair Joyce Cheng, EA, Advocacy and Governance Manager Brian Pedersen, and Legislative Advocate Jennifer Tannehill, met virtually with members of the Newsom administration to discuss healthcare mandate penalty relief for individuals who lost their employer-based coverage due to COVID-19. This issue was brought to the Governor’s attention in conjunction with CSEA’s Stern/Mulak Advocacy Week, where CSEA pitched a similar idea to members of the California Legislature.
In addition to providing a brief overview of the EA profession, CSEA gave several examples of how this penalty will surprise taxpayers when they file their 2020 return, and why it is so difficult for the average taxpayer to claim an exemption. However, the Governor’s representatives pointed out a potential roadblock to CSEA’s proposal, that the revenue from the mandate penalty is used to fund low-income healthcare subsidies through Covered California.
Despite no resolution being reached, discussions are still ongoing, and the Governor’s representatives assured CSEA that they would discuss the issue internally. Our advocacy team is continually working all levers within California politics to push for more effective tax administration on your behalf.