Legislature Continues to Conduct Business Relevant to EAs

The Governor announced his May revision to the state budget on Thursday. One of the key takeaways is that the state is facing a $50 billion budget deficit. This impacts the Legislature because any bills that do not increase revenue will likely not move forward.

According to CSEA’s Legislative Advocate, Jennifer Tannehill, the Legislature is expected to pass a very limited budget by the June 15 deadline, and then continue to work on budget trailer bills in August. CSEA will provide a full breakdown of the Governor’s proposed budget in next week’s newsletter.

AB 2123 (Chau) is among the bills that will not move forward. This is a big legislative victory for CSEA. AB 2123 mandated ADA requirements for websites owned by small businesses, and would have required businesses to make costly changes to their websites. CSEA was part of a coalition of organizations led by the Civil Justice Association of California, which opposed the bill because it would hold small businesses liable for not complying with unnecessary oversight measures.

AB 3372 has been added to CSEA’s Watch List. This bill was introduced by the Assembly Revenue & Taxation Committee and was amended on May 11. It would allow FTB to serve earnings withholding orders for taxes to government and private employers by electronic transmission, and would make minor changes to water’s edge elections rules.

We will continue to keep our Members apprised of any new updates as the Legislature starts gearing up!