CSEA Looks to the Future - October Board of Directors Meeting Summary

The Board Meeting took place virtually on Saturday and Sunday, October 24 and 25. On Saturday, the Board of Directors had a strategic issues discussion focused on the five programs that the Board agreed upon in August that would collectively serve CSEA’s strategic plan. Those five program areas are:
1. Learning Management System (LMS) – In order to offer CSEA’s inventory of recorded Super Seminar webinars for CE credit, the Board approved the purchase of an LMS during the July meeting. Additionally, the LMS offers opportunities for greater efficiency for both staff and Chapter volunteers when hosting online education. The LMS is currently in its implementation stage.
2. SEE Classes - A team will develop a plan for CSEA to serve the needs of those who want to become Enrolled Agents by helping them take and pass the Special Enrollment Exam.
3. Webinars - The webinar program team will focus on the delivery of online education which will involve identification of relevant and timely topics to be offered for CE. There is also a potential for these webinars to be offered as on-demand education.
4. Digital Infrastructure - The state received approval from the Board to fill the position for a Database & Applications Manager. This will allow for full-time support of technology systems and operation processes for the state and Chapters.
5. Super Seminar - COVID-19 forced CSEA to deliver Super Seminar digitally this year. A program team will consider the implications for Super Seminar going forward and will consider the risks and opportunities, develop a plan for Super Seminar 2021, and lay a foundation for the future of Super Seminar.

On Sunday, the President installed a new Director, George Van Buren, EA, of the South Bay Chapter. In addition, the following motions were passed by the Board of Directors:
1. 2020-2021 revised budget.
2. Leadership Development Committee (LDC) charter.
3. Removal of Section, PIA Matching Funds, from the Board Policy Governance Manual effective immediately.
4. Removal of “in no event longer than one year and in all events subject to losses in revenue” from section 2.7.3, Obligations, from the Board Policy Governance Manual, effective immediately.