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DateFormatTitleSpeakerCityChapterChapter Region
6/16/2021Webinar - 2 hoursEthicsBruce Miller, EAWebinarSan Gabriel ValleySouth StateSGV52020
6/17/2021In-Person/OnlineAmerican Rescue Plan Act of 2021Thomas A. Gorczynski, EA, USTCPMantecaBig ValleyNorth StateBVPRACLIAI
6/22/2021OnlineOnline Networking Event - OaklandDiscussion GroupOnlineEast BayNorth StateEBCV122518
6/22/2021Webinar - 2 HoursPost-American Rescue Plan Tax ReformAnnette Nellen, CPA, Esq.WebinarMissionNorthern CAMISSEM0820
6/28/2021Webinar - 2 hoursNotice Season: Who you gonna call? Not ghost busters!Beanna Whitlock, EA, CSAWebinarSan Fernando ValleyCentral CoastSFV111318
7/21/2021Webinar - 2 hoursFour Important Supreme Court Cases You Should Know AboutAbe Carnow, CPAWebinarSan Gabriel ValleySouth StateSGV011619
7/28/2021Webinar - 4 hoursPartnerships/S-Corps (Pen to Paper)Jane Ryder, EA, CPAWebinarSan Gabriel ValleySouth StateSGV011819