Jim Stern Legislative Day

Event Date
January 7, 2019

What to Expect

Jim Stern Legislative Day has been developed to arm you with the information, training and confidence you need to effectively meet with Legislators or their staff and talk on the issues important to you, your clients, and your business.

The day will start with check-in and breakfast, where you will pick up your event packet. CSEA coordinates appointments with representatives from both Senate and Assembly offices for each participant who registers to attend. It’s very important to register in advance so we can try to get you an appointment with your legislator. Your packets will include legislator details, appointment times, and other Members in your region that will be attending your meetings. Then we will gather at the State Capitol for presentations from various CSEA leaders and experts. This program will include insight from M. David Ruff, Chief Consultant to the Assembly’s Committee on Revenue and Taxation, and Colin Grinnell, Consultant to the Committee on Senate Governance and Finance. CSEA leaders will also cover CSEA Advocacy Issues and Talking Points EAs can use during their visit with legislative offices later that day. We will also take you through a practice visit to prepare you for your meetings. Whether you have participated in Jim Stern Legislative Day in the past or this is your first time we will ensure you are prepared to promote the Enrolled Agent profession.

Once the morning presentation ends you will assemble in groups by region to the legislative offices. These visits give Members the opportunity to introduce themselves, explain what EAs do, discuss any legislative concerns, lobby for CSEA’s positions, and offer themselves as a resource to policymakers as tax experts.

The day will conclude with a debriefing and reception where participants will share what they learned during their legislative visits and plan any follow-up that needs to occur. This is a prestigious and interesting event you will not want to miss.

100% of last year’s participants stated that they would encourage all Members to join them at Jim Stern Legislative Day.