Guidance on FTB Identity Verification Notices

We recently reached out to FTB on behalf of several Members who were concerned about the recent influx of FTB 4734D and 3904 notices their clients have received. These notices request additional information to help validate the taxpayer’s identity and confirm their refund.
According to FTB, the letters are not the result of any altered processes, and there has been no change in the number of notices that have gone out compared to previous years. The only difference is that this year the notices were sent in a more compressed timeframe.
In order to quickly resolve this issue, FTB recommends calling the number on the notice on behalf of your client, rather than mailing or faxing information in response to these forms. Additionally, it is important that you respond to these letters quickly, because FTB cannot process the return until they hear from either the tax preparer or the taxpayer.