Member Alert: Beware of Phishing Emails

Some of our Members have reported receiving suspicious emails requesting help with tax preparation, late or missing tax payments, and more. Below are excerpts from two of the phishing emails:
Good Morning,
You were recommended to me by I would like you to be of good service to us. We are currently out of the country for a burial engagement of my father in-law who passed away few days ago and would not return until next month, i would like you to revert back to me with your commission fee to prepare my family and company tax for the year 2021…

Pardon to bother you at this busy time, it is not urgent. I found your contact on the site. My EA who has handled my taxes for many years prepared 2021, though will be retiring. I will need to have a new EA handle my 2022 taxes...

These phishing emails are similar those recently reported by Accounting Today, where tax professionals are targeted by cybercriminals posing as potential clients. After the initial email contact, hackers send follow-up emails containing a link to a virus-infected executable file.
We have alerted the IRS Stakeholder Liaison, who asked our Members to forward suspicious emails to Even though the filing deadline has passed, don't let down your guard! Learn how to protect your business and your clients from IRS's Security Summit, and follow @IRStaxsecurity for the latest security resources and tips.
Visit our Exchange Forum to see what Members have to say about these phishing attempts.