Taxpayer Digital Communication Initiative

The goal of IRS’s Taxpayer Digital Communication Initiative is to implement tools that make it easier for taxpayers to engage with IRS. This includes secure messaging, real-time text chat, and Outbound Notification, a web-based application that gives individual taxpayers access to specific IRS notifications through Online Account.

Taxpayers can navigate to their Message Center within their Online Account and view and download various IRS notices in PDF format. Taxpayers can also navigate directly to online payment options and tools from within the Message Center.

The following notices are now available through taxpayers’ Online Accounts:

  • CP-01A - We Assigned You an Identity Protection Personal Identification Number (IP PIN)
  • CP-14 - Balance Due
  • CP-14H - Owed Minimum Essential Health Coverage Payment (Shared Responsibility Payment)
  • CP-14I - Return Filed - IRA Taxes or Penalties Due
  • CP-21A - Recalculation - Balance Due
  • CP-39 - Overpaid Taxes Applied – Balance Due
  • CP-49 - Refund Offset (SB/SE Notice)
  • CP-60 - We Removed Payments from Your Account - Balance Due
  • CP-62 - We Credited Your Account
  • CP-501 - Balance Due-First Notice
  • CP-521 - Monthly Installment Agreement Payment Reminder (SB/SE Notice)

Learn about future enhancements to taxpayer digital communications here.