Help Protect Your Clients from Tax-Related Identity Theft

IP PINs help prevent identity thieves from filing tax returns using stolen Social Security numbers, and are now available to anyone who can verify their identity.
IRS is asking tax pros to share Publication 5367, IP PIN Opt-In Program for Taxpayers, with their clients. For security reasons, you cannot obtain IP PINs on behalf of your clients. Your clients must obtain their own IP PINs.
Remember that you should never store your clients’ IP PINs on your computer system. If you experience a data theft, urge your clients to quickly get an IP PIN. Even if a thief already has filed a fraudulent return, an IP PIN offers future protection and prevents your clients from being repeat victims of tax-related identity theft.
Here are a few facts about IP PINs to share with your clients:

  • It’s a six-digit number known only to the taxpayer and IRS.
  • The opt-in program is voluntary.
  • The IP PIN should be entered onto the electronic tax return when prompted by the software product or onto a paper return next to the signature line.
  • The IP PIN is valid for one calendar year; taxpayers must obtain a new IP PIN each year.
  • IRS will never call, email or text a request for the IP PIN.

Currently, taxpayers may obtain an IP PIN for 2021. New IP PINs will be available starting in January 2022. Learn more here.