NvSEA Victory Upheld

The Nevada Society of Enrolled Agents (NvSEA) emerged triumphant from a recent court battle over AB 324, legislation which prohibited EAs in Nevada from preparing tax returns, holding retainers, representing clients, or providing any tax planning services. With the passing of the September 20 deadline for the State of Nevada to appeal the judgement in favor of EAs, Nevada is now permanently enjoined from taking any action to enforce Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) 240A, cash bond or security bond requirements, against any person or entity that is an approved Enrolled Agent under Circular 230.
NvSEA President Janet Vick, EA has shared the following status update with CSEA Members:

NvSEA still has a lot of work to do. Enrolled Agents are now exempt from NRS 240. Judge Wilson ruled in favor of NvSEA, protecting the EAs right to practice. The State of Nevada Attorney General decided NOT to appeal Judge Wilson’s ruling. But NRS 240 will remain Nevada law until the legislators amend it. The law reads that EAs can’t prepare returns, represent taxpayers or give advice. Judge Wilson’s ruling exempts EAs from the law and enforcement action. We want the law amended to treat EAs in the same manner that CPAs and attorneys are treated. And equally important, we need to educate the politicians and the public about the profession of Enrolled Agent. Our goal is to be recognized as “Enrolled Agents - America’s Tax Experts.” Thank you for your support. NvSEA is forever grateful to CSEA.