A Murder Mystery Dinner – Fundraising Event

Posted on February 6, 2015 by asoy

An Elite group of CSEA Members surprised the audience with a Murder Mystery Dinner at the CSEA Member dinner Saturday,  January 10 as an Education Foundation Fundraiser Event. Their brilliant acting and dramatic scenes of "Who Shot Don Santaclausio" made for a wonderful experience for all guests to enjoy.  Who knew CSEA Members were holding out on such talent. The evening was filled with laughter and suspense on what would happen next. The laughter and enjoyment carried on to the next morning, as you could hear CSEA Members talking among themselves about the prior night’s event and how great the Murder Mystery Dinner was.

Kuddos to The Players that made this event spectacular!

Raven Deerwater, EA as Don Santaclausio
Torie Charvez, EA as Mama Mia Canoli
Volunteer as Goody Two Shoes
Cynthia Leachmore, EA as Chris the Bookie
Sandra Danioth-Jones, EA as Ex-Mrs. Santaclausio
Doug Pickford, EA as Vinny Tamborino
Rose Fulton, EA as Kojack- The Law (Book ‘em Dano)
Greg Cash, EA as Internal Revenue Service, CID Agent
Jerry Pusateri, EA as Commentator, Facilitator and Wise Guy
Alama Guenther, EA as Wise Guy’s Assistant

Unable to participate in the event? You can still contribute!

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