Meet Your 2018-2019 CSEA Officer Candidates

The Nominating Committee of the California Society of Enrolled Agents invited all 2018-2019 candidates for CSEA office to submit statements reflecting their experience and point of view. The election of CSEA Officers will take place during the General Session of the CSEA Annual Meeting on Sunday, June 24, 2018 at the Grand Sierra Resort & Casino, Reno, NV.


Cynthia Leachmoore, EA

Nominee for CSEA President

It is with grateful pleasure that I accept the nomination for CSEA President for the 2018-2019 program year, serving side-by-side with an amazing group of fellow nominated officers.

Our Society is on the cusp of a reimagined culture of mutual growth that combines the best of personal and technological communication, bringing us together in dynamic ways that overcome time and geographical constraints.

In this culture we are moving toward a Society of collaborative leadership:

  • Where work is done in teams of peers who have each other’s backs, making leadership both desirable and attainable to Members with already full lives;
  • Where Chapters share ideas and resources with one another for the personal and professional growth of their Members; and
  • Where Members and potential Members see, feel, and realize the value of belonging to our special organization.

Our journey will require an unflinching commitment to flattening organizational structures, removing barriers to participation, and ensuring collective knowledge and decision-making.

Together, we can do and be anything. I know this. I want to help you to know it too.

In my Society work. I have served as President of the Mission Chapter; CSEA Education Chair, Director, and Officer; and Chair of the Leadership Development Subcommittee. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Professional Studies, and special leadership training in Small Group Process.

Experience aside, nothing prepared me more for this position than the deep and supportive relationships I have found here in my time at CSEA. And that is, after all, what we are about.

Thank you for your consideration.

Joyce E. Cheng, EA

Nominee for CSEA First Vice President

I have enjoyed my roles since 2015 as CSEA First Vice President, Second Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary, and am excited about the opportunity to continue to help CSEA excel.

I have had several opportunities in my career to develop my leadership skills, including completion of the Rutgers University Certified Public Manager Program, team leader training for the Quality Assurance Team at the IRS, and successful completion of NAEA's Schuldiner/Smollan Leadership Academy. I am honored to be considered as the candidate for First Vice President of CSEA. In this role, I plan to work closely with the President to ensure that our Society meets its goals and strategically plans for the future. I feel it is critical for CSEA to remain on the front line of advocacy and empowering Enrolled Agents to excel.

I currently serve as President of the Orange County Chapter of Enrolled Agents (OCEA), and have previously served as its First Vice President, Secretary, and Chair of the Public Information & Awareness and Education Committees. I am a previous Vice Chair of the CSEA Legislative Affairs Committee, previous Chair of the Grassroots Advocacy Subcommittee, and have served as Cognizant Officer of the Bylaws and Legislative Affairs Committees as well. I have also participated on the Scholarship Committee for the Education Foundation, and most recently am the Chair of the Leadership Development Subcommittee. I see the need for continued development of resources to train and equip Members to assume leadership roles and excel in those roles. I have participated in NAEA’s Fly-in Day several times, as I believe that advocacy is a critically important element of our organization.

My involvement with OCEA, CSEA and NAEA has provided insight into the profession at all levels as well as a solid understanding of the interconnection of all three levels of our organization. I believe that in order for CSEA to reach its full potential, there has to be strong leadership that can envision and embrace the future. My goals are to embrace a new forward-thinking model of leadership, to support our President in all aspects of unifying the Society, and to assist Chapters in developing their leadership. As a member of the Executive Committee, I will contribute to the development of CSEA and help it become the benchmark in leadership for NAEA state affiliates.

Each year I learn and absorb more, and I feel the experience has helped me grow to a point where I can make an even greater contribution to CSEA in the coming year. I look forward to the opportunity to continue to serve CSEA and its Members.

Susie DiMaggio, EA

Nominee for CSEA Second Vice President

I am truly honored that the CSEA Nominating Committee has selected me for the position of Second Vice President. It will be a privilege to serve the membership in this capacity.

I am looking forward to all of the new responsibilities of the Second Vice President position. My goal for the upcoming year is to continue moving forward with the current vision, while encouraging all Members to become involved at any level of of our Society. As a membership organization, we all need to work together, bringing the local Chapters into the fold and incorporating our plans with their individual needs.

I have been a tax professional for over 15 years, and became an Enrolled Agent in 2006. Upon receiving my license, I jumped in with both feet, becoming a CSEA Member and Secretary of the Channel Islands Chapter. After serving as Secretary for four years, I held the office of Channel Islands Chapter President. As President, I was encouraged to attend events at the state level. I became the State Director in 2012, quickly joining several committees that sparked my interest. During my last year as a Director, I had the privilege of being Education Chair. I believe working on this committee taught me that our organization is the best for serving all Enrolled Agents in California.

While my history with CSEA gives me some leadership experience, I have also worked in other industries that allowed me to organize and manage several employees and volunteers. I have worked through growth spurts and downsizing, through church plants and church divisions - but always the atypical cheerleader and encourager!

My passion is for Members to work together to help our organization reach its full potential by encouraging, connecting and growing leadership in all of our Members. The responsibilities of the Second Vice President will allow me to work with the Leadership Development Subcommittee, the Member Engagement & Promotion Committee, and others as well. I feel that my life experience and background have prepared me for this position and I look forward to the opportunity to serve.

Bruce Miller, EA

Nominee for CSEA Treasurer

I am honored to be the Nominating Committee’s choice for the position of CSEA Treasurer. I have learned a great deal over the past four years on the Board, serving as Vice Chair, Chair, and Cognizant Officer of the Finance & Budget (F&B) Committee. Being elected as CSEA’s Treasurer would allow me to continue my service as Cognizant Officer of the F&B Committee.

The financial health of our organization is of course critical to maintaining our position as the premier society serving EAs and all tax professionals. As your Treasurer, I will provide the same high standard of service and professionalism as our past Officers.

I have been in practice for more than 30 years. My firm serves 1,150 individuals and 330 corporations/s-corporations, partnerships, and LLCs. We do payroll for 150 firms and bookkeeping for an additional 130. I have been an EA for more than 22 years, and have been a Member of CSEA, NAEA, and NSA for more than 20 years. The San Fernando Valley is my home Chapter, and I have been with them for more than 20 years, and a Board member for 13. If elected as your Treasurer, I promise to serve with the dedication and enthusiasm that our organization deserves.

Rico Delodovici, EA

Nominee for CSEA Secretary

I’d like to thank the Nominating Committee for considering me for the position of Secretary. If elected, it is my intention as to use my experience and skills to ensure the purpose, integrity, and viability of our Society.

Here’s a little bit about me. I have been an Enrolled Agent for more than 20 years and am a Past President of the Golden Gate Society of Enrolled Agents. In addition, I was elected to the Golden Gate Society’s Hall of Fame in 2016. I’ve had the honor to sit on the CSEA Board of Directors. I’ve enjoyed chairing committees for CSEA, including the Public Information & Awareness and Political Action Committees. I was also a member of the Franchise Tax Board Advisory Council, representing CSEA.

I have owned and operated, as a sole proprietor, a large tax practice encompassing more than 2,000 individual tax returns, and 200 entity-type returns per year. I currently sit on the Board of Directors of the Mission Society of Enrolled Agents.

I look forward to working constructively with my fellow Officers as a member of the CSEA leadership team, as well as supporting the President in all ways that she may require. I hope to act as a mentor to the Committee Chairs of which I am the Cognizant Officer.

In conclusion, I believe in the purpose of the California Society of Enrolled Agents and intend to do all that I am able to help in accomplishing it.