New Sample Data Security Plan for Tax Pros with Smaller Practices

Federal law requires all professional tax preparers to create and implement a data security plan. The Security Summit, a partnership between IRS, states and the tax industry, has noticed that some tax pros continue to struggle with developing a written security plan.
In conjunction with the Security Summit, IRS has now released a sample security plan designed to help tax pros, especially those with smaller practices, protect their data and information. The Written Information Security Plan (WISP) is a 29-page document designed to be as easy to use as possible, with special sections to help tax pros find the information they need.
"We have tried to stay away from complex jargon and phrases so that the document can have meaning to a larger section of the tax professional community," said Campbell Carol Campbell, Director of the IRS Return Preparer Office and co-lead of the Security Summit's tax professional group. Learn more about how the sample WISP can provide a starting point for developing your plan here.