Tax is a foreign language.

Dependents? Exemptions? Credits? Earned Income? When you’re talking tax, those words may not mean what you think they mean. The United States tax code is a complicated law, and the job of a tax professional is to make sure their clients are following that law. If that sounds scary, it should.

That’s where CSEA comes in. We are a network of tax professionals dedicated to growing our profession and supporting each other. Not only do we speak tax – we teach others to speak it, too.

CSEA has partnered with Latino Tax Pro to create a program that provides the education and support you need to become a tax preparer, or, for those already in the profession, to improve your skills in basic tax preparation. With CSEA's program, you'll learn from Enrolled Agents with years of experience. If you need to register to work as a paid preparer in California, we will help you to successfully navigate that process too.

Become a tax preparer, or improve your skills in basic tax preparation.

This program is ideal for those who:

  • Currently are handling accounting/bookkeeping functions and are looking to add tax preparation to their skill set.
  • Prepare basic 1040s for wage earners and want to learn more and increase their earnings.
  • Lost their CRTP designation and need to re-take the 60-hour education program and re-apply with CTEC.
  • Are interested in pursuing the Enrolled Agent (EA) designation and want to take this course as a pre-qualification for the EA Exam Prep course.
  • Previously were exempt from registration but now need to register (former EA, CPA etc.).

We'll help you get your CRTP designation.

This program allows you to meet the requirements for becoming a CTEC-registered tax preparer (CRTP). The CRTP designation is mandatory for non-credentialed tax preparers - you must have completed the registration process to be legally able to prepare tax filings on behalf of California tax payors. CTEC's requirements can be a challenge to navigate and complete, and this course will help students effectively prepare to manage the steps involved in the application and registration process. 

Bilingual online training materials and live weekly instruction with Enrolled Agents.

Our mission is to grow and support the tax preparation profession. To meet that goal, CSEA and Latino Tax Pro offer a team approach that includes access to digital teaching materials and live online classes each week taught by Enrolled Agents - tax experts licensed by the Department of the Treasury.  Your digital resources will be provided on the Prendo365 learning platform, which includes an instructional e-book, a cutting-edge learning management system, video tutorials, and downloadable practice tax forms. Materials are available in both English and Spanish. Curriculum for the program is updated annually to meet the California requirements to become a CTEC-registered tax preparer (CRTP), and new curriculum materials are published every June.