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Badge Scanning

Most Super Seminar 2017 education sessions are specifically designed to comply with requirements set forth by the continuing education oversight agencies that CSEA is registered with.

CSEA uses badge scanning technology to accurately track and verify attendance and award CE credits for Super Seminar sessions. Badge scanning enables us to generate attendance reports that are submitted to RPO, CTEC and the CFP Board of Standards. Additionally, these reports will enable CSEA to generate and issue accurate CE certificates for all attendees by approximately July 31, 2017.

It is the responsibility of each attendee to scan their badge as they enter the session meeting rooms; there is no requirement to scan out at the end of each session. All attendees must adhere to the following badge scanning guidelines in order to receive CE credit:

  • All attendees must scan in within the first 15 minutes of the session start time.
  • CE credit will not be issued to attendees whose badges are not scanned in within this time parameter as all session scanners will be turned off and will be inoperable.
  • CE credit will not be issued for any sessions where registered attendees did not attend at all (“no show”), nor for unreasonable periods of time spent outside of the education sessions.