NAEA Announces 2016-2017 Slate of Nominees

Posted on August 20, 2015 · Posted in CSEA Society News

8/20/15 – The NAEA Nominating Committee has released the following slate for the upcoming election for NAEA’s 2016-2017 Board of Directors:

Jim Adelman, EA (OK)

Tim Dilworth, EA, CPA (MT)

Mike Fioritto, EA, CPA (OH)
Jerry Gaddis, EA (FL)
Patricia Kappen, EA (CA)
Melissa Longmuir, EA (WA)
Jean Nelsen, EA (CA)
Jeffrey Schneider, EA (FL)

NEW — In addition to the slated nominees, the following Members are running from the floor:

President-Elect: Laurie Ziegler, EA (WI)
Secretary/Treasurer: Nancy Lyman, EA (VT)
Director: Steve Banner, EA (TX)

The nominees’ biographies, statements of goals, and answer to the question, What do you feel is the greatest challenge to NAEA within the next two years and how do you think NAEA should respond to that challenge?” will appear in the November/December issue of EA Journal. The election will be held December 1 – December 15 with the new Board taking office in May 2016. Each NAEA Member in good standing on November 1 will receive a ballot with the names of all nominees and candidates (if applicable) of each elective position.