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2016-2017 Committee Activities:

Audit Committee

Ensures the Society’s financial statements and disclosures are validated and they evaluate the Society’s accounting procedures.

Audit Committee Roster

Bylaws Committee

Ensures the organizational documents of the Society and Chapters conform to law and reflect the current purpose and needs of Members; and to ensure appropriate conformity of organizational and operational documents of the Chapters and the Society with the National Association.

Bylaws Committee Roster

Education Committee

To produce quality programs which meet the educational and financial goals of the Society.

Education Committee Roster

Ethics & Professional Conduct Committee

Ensure all CSEA Members observe high standards of ethical and professional conduct.

E&PC Committee Roster

Finance & Budget Committee

Ensures the Society’s financial integrity.

F&B Committee Roster

Legislative Affairs Committee

To watch protect and promote the interests of the Enrolled Agent; and to be informed of new laws or changes to existing laws which affect the general public and the profession of Enrolled Agents. To advise the Legislature of the effects of existing or proposed legislation on taxpayers and practitioners.

Legislative Affairs Committee Roster

District Visit Report Form

Leave Behind Packet

Membership & Chapter Development Committee

To achieve universal membership of California Enrolled Agents in the Society.

Membership Committee Roster

Nominating Committee

To nominate the best qualified Member for each elective office of the Society.

Membership Committee Roster

Political Action Committee (PAC)

To ensure a presence of the Society in the California Legislature.

Public Information & Awareness (PIA) Committee

To enhance the visibility and recognition of Enrolled Agents as the preferred tax professionals and to promote CSEA Members to the general public.

PIA Committee Roster