CSEA Attends Secretary of State Stakeholder Meetings

Posted on June 2, 2016 · Posted in Breaking News, CSEA Society News, Industry News, Latest Updates

6/2/16 – The Secretary of State’s Office (SOS) has invited CSEA to participate in stakeholder meetings as a way to better connect with Enrolled Agents. The stakeholder meeting is a forum for those entities who regularly interact with the SOS to share concerns, seek avenues for improvement and connect with the SOS’ Business Programs Division (BPD) staff. Some progress has been made on issues that matter to CSEA.

Statement of Information Filing Notification Improvements

In recent months the SOS has taken steps to improve notification of the Statement of Information (SOI) filing due to CSEA introducing legislation and working with the SOS via stakeholder meetings. EAs have clients who have had trouble complying with the filing or even receiving notice that the filing is due. Not realizing they need to file the SOI, the client misses the filing and owes a $250 penalty to the FTB, or worse, becomes a suspended entity.

SOI for limited liability companies and common interest developments must still be submitted on paper, by mail or in person (drop off), at this time. However, corporations are able to file online. The Business Programs Division (BPD) web page of the SOS website has been improved to highlight the SOI filing requirement and provide support. Changes to the website include:

In addition, SOI notification postcards are being revised to include the filing due date, using separate postcards for corporate entities and LLC entities, and designing the postcards to be more user friendly. Beginning May 2, 2016 the SOI form for LLCs will be split into two forms: a SOI “No Change” form and a regular SOI form for filing changes. This is meant to reduce confusion when filing.

Business Connect Update

The SOS is developing a new online platform for business filings called Business Connect. The SOS plans to put the project out to bid in August of 2017 and expects to begin rolling out the platform by August 2019. The new online Business Connect platform will be rolled out in phases. The SOS’ initial focus will be to first roll out the portions of the platform for those filings with the highest volume: automatic filings and records. Stay tuned for more progress!

NOTE TO PRACTITIONERS: Please remind your clients to update their forms libraries with the most recent filing forms by regularly checking the SOS Business Programs Division webpage and downloading new forms and samples!