Breaking News: MyFTB Registration Disabled

Posted on July 23, 2015 · Posted in Breaking News

MyFTB Registration Disabled

7/23/15 – The Franchise Tax Board (FTB) announced that as of July 23, 2015, the ability to register for a MyFTB account, CalFile and Web Pay for Business has been disabled for the remainder of 2015. Tax Practitioners and taxpayers with existing accounts can continue to access their MyFTB account.

The FTB is taking this action so that systems can be established which will help protect the security and privacy of taxpayer information. When the enhanced MyFTB launches in January 2016, the ability to register for a MyFTB account will be restored and all existing MyFTB registrants will need to re-register. This new process will require users, including existing ones, to register online, after which the FTB will mail a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to the registrant which will be needed to access their MyFTB account. The FTB will provide more information on this process later.
CSEA understands that the inability to establish MyFTB accounts for the remainder of 2015 will cause some difficulties; however, we also understand that the FTB is attempting to protect taxpayers with this action.
In the meantime the FTB advises the following:

Practitioners or their clients who are not registered MyFTB users will need to contact FTB call centers for assistance with any of the following services:

• Verify estimated tax payments.
• View recent payments.
• View account summary and tax year detail.
• View California wage and withholding information for up to four years.
• View FTB-issued 1099 information.

The following services do not require registration and are still available to practitioners or their clients:

• Check refund status.
• Web Pay for Individuals (non-registered version).
• Pay by credit card.
• Apply for an installment agreement.
• Use Live Chat.
• Calculate their tax.
• Take Head of Household self-test.
• Ask a tax question by email.
• Get an email reminder to file/make estimate payments.
• Use subscription services.
• Access MyCOD account.
• Report tax fraud.
• Get an entity status letter.
• File 199N e-postcard.

CSEA will keep you apprised of further information provided by the FTB over the coming months. Click here to read the FTB announcement.