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Mission Vision & Goals

Mission (adopted 5/28/2014):  To empower, engage, and advocate for California Enrolled Agents.

Vision (adopted 7/13/2014):  The California Society of Enrolled Agents is the innovative influence and dynamic voice for taxation in California.

Goals with Objectives

Goal Area 1: Membership

GOAL: Grow – Empower – Retain Members.

The Membership of CSEA is the lifeblood of the organization.  Membership impacts CSEA in all areas.  Growing, empowering, and retaining our Members is important for CSEA because it is the only way that the organization will survive and thrive. Members support CSEA through volunteerism, shared knowledge and expertise, and financially (through dues and program support).  Growth, empowerment, and retention of membership will ensure that CSEA stays financially strong and relevant to Enrolled Agents.

Objective 1: Increase Society membership counts to 5,000 Members by June 30 2017.

Objective 2: Provide seamless Membership services among the state, local, and national organizations.

Goal Area 2: Advocacy

GOAL: Influence public policy in support of our designation, Members, and taxpayers.

CSEA Members are an elite group of tax professionals with a unique designation. It is essential that we as Enrolled Agents in California have the ability to influence legislative and regulatory policy in California to protect our right to practice and enhance the perception of our designation and expertise.

Objective 1: CSEA and Member EAs will be commonly recognized as experts and utilized as resources in the creation and review of proposed tax and related legislation by legislators and their staff.

Objective 2: Increase CSEA and EA visibility and credibility with state and local government agencies.

Goal Area 3: Public Information & Awareness

GOAL: Enrolled Agents are recognized by the public as America’s Tax Experts.

Public Information and Awareness has two goals: to propagate information and raise awareness about Enrolled Agents, and to propagate information and raise awareness about CSEA. In a perfect world Enrolled Agents are the tax professionals of choice amongst the public, and CSEA is the organization of choice amongst California tax professionals.  Achieving public information and awareness goals helps to ensure the growth and prosperity of the Society and its Members.

Objective 1: Recalibrate effective public information and awareness efforts among the state local and national organizations and carry out all state campaigns.

Goal Area 4: Education

GOAL: Provide quality education to assist our Members in their professional growth.

In order for Enrolled Agents to represent the Society and the profession at the highest levels, it is necessary to provide appropriate education ranging from traditional to avant-garde, using cutting edge technology while still offering competitive pricing.

Objective 1: Develop one or two signature events that both raise revenue and serve the Membership.

Objective 2: Develop interactive educational offerings in both electronic and in-person formats.

Goal Area 5: Financial Stability

GOAL: Provide appropriate revenue, report allocation of resources, and build reserves.

Financial stability affects all other areas of CSEA’s strategic plan, since every project or task requires financial support. It is essential that CSEA has a financial infrastructure that clearly defines processes for fiscal accounting and management, organizational integrity and revenue generation, and provides the required information to the Board and membership so that each member has a clear understanding of where the Society stands financially and how to plan for the Society’s future.

Objective 1: Formulate balanced budgets through 2015 and in 2016 and 2017 formulate surplus budgets that include a greater diversity of revenue.

Objective 2: Simplify financial reports to ensure that Society leaders have the financial information needed to make strategic decisions, and Members understand the Society’s financial position.