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Officers & Board of Directors

2017-2018 Officers

Ms. Cynthia Leachmoore, EA






First Vice President
Ms. Joyce Cheng, EA






Second Vice President

Ms. Susie DiMaggio, EA

Mr. Bruce Miller, EA







Immediate Past President
Mr. Douglas Pickford,  EA

2017-2018 Directors

Big Valley Chapter
Jerry Brouwer, EA
Central California Chapter
Juli Duree, EA
Central Coast Chapter
Kittie Vicars, EA
Channel Islands Chapter
Bart Ketterling, EA
East Bay Chapter
Gail Stan, EA
Far Northern Chapter
Jennifer Wettemann, EA
Golden Gate Chapter
Jeff Johnston, EA
Inland Empire Chapter
Don Stacy, EA
Los Angeles Chapter
Antonia Enriquez, EA
Mission Chapter
Liz DiTullio, EA
North Bay Chapter
Michelle Tanner, EA
Orange County Chapter
Bill Stewart, EA
Palomar Chapter
Al Sanchez, EA
Sacramento Valley Chapter
Barbara DeRenzo-Donovan, EA
San Diego Chapter
Wade Bogren, EA
San Fernando Valley Chapter
Theresa Gordon, EA
San Gabriel Valley Chapter
Donna Aguirre, EA
Solano-Napa Chapter
Teri Johnson, EA
South Bay Chapter
Lynwood “Woody” Ford